Established Your Career With Behr Digital

Behr Digital is looking for an experienced Conversion (CRO) Strategist to join our Search and Analytics team. If you want a career where you can work with great clients and collaborate with a dynamic team of analytics consultants and search specialists who love their job then, Extreme SEO is the place to be. We want a full-time Conversion Strategist, who has the aptitude to use his business and technical expertise in CRO, Analytics, Marketing, Usability, Sales Persuasion, and Copywriting to provide our company and clients with tactical measures to hack their milestones. It will fall under the responsibility of the Conversion Strategist to see that the clients meet respectable returns to their investment from ethical and tactical optimization. So if Technology acumen and the passion to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, join in!

  • Department:  CRO Head
  • Salary: USD$8200/mo
  • Project Location(s): Remote/Hybrid
  • Education: MBA, Digital Marketing
  • Work time: Full time
  • Communicate with clients to develop a clear understanding of their business objectives and reach
  • Recommend enhancements to client’s websites to increase the conversion rate
  • Design and construct campaigns that show a measurable increase in conversions after changes are implemented
  • Use strategic, analytic, and creative skills to discover useful insights from web analytics tools and other related sources
  • Be able to submit regular progress reports and analysis to clients that are self-sufficient in showcasing the growth curve of the campaigns.
  • Aid clients in understanding the essentials of the strategies being implemented and how they can identify success, failure, developments in the future.

Responsibility Includes:

  • Pay attention to intricate areas that can be easily overlooked
  • Experience in web designing and copywriting
  • Comfortable working in a pressure situation and rapidly evolving industry environment
  • Should be passionate and motivated about their field
  • 3+ years of website optimization, clear with analytical metrics and related statistical data driving elements
  • Experience in various Analytical tools like Coremetrics, Google Analytics, and MS Excel, etc.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Should be able to write concise and detailed summaries and reports
  • Ability to indulge clients in progressive conversation and retain old clients
  • Awareness of developing IT trend

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