Monetize your audience

We're Changing the Affiliate Channel From the Inside Out

The technology that is protected by Behr Digital's patent enables intelligent affiliate management, which increases revenue, prevents fraud, and provides organizations with a competitive advantage in terms of strategy.

Affiliate Marketing Performance

Time to Level Up Your Sales

Using marketing methods that have been shown to enhance bottom-line metrics like revenue and conversions, we offer a comprehensive set of services designed to help you expand every facet of your organization.

Over the previous 5 years, we have overseen over 12.9% OF ALL TRANSACTIONS for our clientele.

Monetize your audience

We're Changing the Affiliate
Channel From the Inside Out



Grow your Business with us

Customized solutions to fit your business

Each organization is carefully investigated to design a tailored affiliate marketing strategy, resulting in excellent ROI for every customer. We customize your affiliate advertising program. Company-specific affiliate Internet marketing is optimal.

Continuous affiliate marketing management

After creating the ideal affiliate marketing program for your business, we will monitor and adjust it. We’ll analyze affiliate Internet marketing metrics.

Experienced affiliate marketing team

After designing your affiliate marketing program, we’ll monitor it for success. We’ll gather all affiliate Internet marketing data to analyze a strategy.

An integrated marketing approach

We evaluate and manage affiliate marketing campaigns. This background will help us develop the best affiliate business Internet marketing bundle for you. Behr Digital provides complete Internet marketing for every campaign.

Copy and creative development services

Our creative designers can improve your affiliate marketing program with banners, marketing pages, sales content, and more. These thorough, creative initiatives promote affiliate marketing Internet business programs with fresh, educational, and unique brand material.

Highly effective recruiting approach

Bloggers, marketers, and social media recruit Behr Digital affiliates. Diverse networks enable extensive affiliate marketing. We manage affiliate accounts, campaigns, payments, and technical support. Behr Digital generates revenue via affiliate Internet programs.

Cost-effective strategies

We maximize your investment with cost-effective, high-ROI affiliate marketing solutions. We simplify affiliate marketing and increase brand and content visibility.

Conversion analysis

Behr Digital advises on your affiliate program’s performance.

So you get nothing but the best

Trust Your Own Analytics to Close the Attribution Gap

If the reporting of your internal analytics (such as Google Analytics or Adobe, for example) does not agree with the reporting of affiliate platforms and networks, you will be forced to pay for sales made through the affiliate channel that you do not credit to sales made through that channel. Because of this, you will not be able to secure more funding to exploit the channel and will not be able to realize your full ROI.

We make use of a system that is our preferred choice and that enables you to synchronize the tracking and commissions of affiliate networks with your attribution.

You can look at your data from all levels:

  • Advertisers
  • Affiliate network accounts
  • Websites
  • Traffic sources
  • Landing pages
  • Campaigns
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